Building Literacy into Every School Day

Engage students with living literacy explorations that are flexibly designed to fit easily into your busy schedule.

Girl reading a book

Level-Up with Literacy Microlearnings

Microlearnings are short and easy-to-use, allowing educators to access professional learning resources at their convenience.

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Woman reading to children

Literacy Connections in the Classroom

Access free resources and materials to support the application of the microlearnings in an engaging and easily differentiated format.

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About the Program

To help students develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences they must have to become competent and enthusiastic readers, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Discovery Education, and the National Afterschool Association have launched a nationwide literacy initiative to upskill teachers with research-based supports and turnkey resources that fit into their busy instructional day.

Discover new ways to approach literacy education with flexible, open-ended learning resources designed for K–2 classrooms.

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In 2022, 54% of adults had a literacy below 6th grade level.

—US Department of Education