Leveraging Literacy for Everyday Life

Discover Literacy resources are designed to ignite innovative and engaging approaches to teaching and literacy basics. Educators, students, and families can integrate these resources into their everyday lives to strengthen their literacy skills and become confident readers.

Guide learning with thematically structured resources that harness the 5 Basic Skills of Literacy: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension.

5 Basic Skills of Literacy

Phonological Awareness

Get Students into the Rhythm of Spoken Words

Students develop an “ear for language” as they become familiar with the core sounds of words.

  • Rhythm and Rhyme

  • Sequence of Sounce

  • Sound Manipulation


Building a Sound Understanding of Words and Language

Students establish an understanding of the relationship between the visual representation of a word and its corresponding sound.

  • Alphabetic Principle

  • Decoding

  • Word Study


Celebrate the Real-World Power of Reading Skills

Students learn a simple 3-part formula that can be used to achieve effective reading fluency.

  • Automaticity

  • Reading Speed

  • Prosody


Give Students the Building Blocks of Quality Communication

Students will learn how to grow their knowledge of words and build their vocabulary from the ground up.

  • Tiered Vocabulary Strategies

  • Active Vocab

  • Practice Pro-Tips

Reading Comprehension

Decoding Language to Unlock Students’ World

Students uncover the real-world connections and meaning behind the language that people use.

  • Background Knowledge

  • Teaching Strategies

  • Text Structures

About the Program

Discover Literacy empowers educators with turnkey, research-based resources that make it easy to incorporate literacy upskilling into any schedule or curricular framework. Educators, students, and families can find exciting ways to explore literacy with a combination of professional microlearnings and hands-on instructional resources.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Discovery Education, and the National Afterschool Association have designed Discover Literacy resources to align with the 5 Basic Competencies of Literacy, which provide a framework students can use to practice literacy skills in their daily lives.

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Early academic skills related to literacy are among the most significant predictors of future academic achievement.

—Hanover Research